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A criminal defense lawyer represents individuals who have been charged with a crime.  The state or federal government charges individuals whom law enforcement believes have violated a state or federal law. Some defense attorneys specialize in drug defense or DUI defense. A criminal defense lawyer may assist a client in obtaining a lower bond if arrested.  If not jailed while awaiting trial, the attorney may appear at arraignment or a preliminary hearing, pretrial conferences and ultimately at a bench or jury trial if the charges are not resolved prior to trial with a dismissal or plea agreement.

Felony, Misdemeanor and DUI/Traffic Defense


A lawyer who practices family law deals with “domestic law” which includes the dissolution of marriage (divorce), adoptions, custody disputes, paternity actions, child support disputes, visitation or time-sharing issues, etc.  Family Law therefore encompasses a wide range of topics. 

Contract Dispute, Etc.


Divorce, Paternity, Child Custody, Child Support and Timesharing. 


A lawyer who practices civil litigation represents plaintiff or defendants in a legal dispute where one or more party is seeking money damages or some specific relief from the District or Civil Court. In Kentucky the minimum monetary jurisdiction of a Circuit Court is $5,000.  Attorneys who practice civil litigation are sometimes referred to as litigators or trial lawyers. Civil litigation sometimes involves court ordered mediation as an alternative dispute resolution.  Mediation has become extremely popular due to its cost savings.  Some judges will not schedule a jury trial until the parties have attempted to settle their dispute through mediation.


Estate Management, Property Management, Mortgages

Lawyers who practice Personal Injury law  refers to attorneys who litigate civil claims.  Plaintiffs are the claimants who are seeking monetary damages for injuries caused by the fault of someone else.  Defendants are those who accused of the fault.  Attorneys practicing in this area typically either just represents plaintiffs or defendants, usually not both.  Insurance companies will often hire defense lawyers to represent their policy holders when they are sued for an automobile accident, etc. 


Wrongful Death refers to a personal injury action where the individual died as a result of their injuries.  Kentucky law provides specific guidelines for bringing a wrongful death action in Kentucky Courts.


Auto accidents, slip and fall and work place injuries.

Re-zoning, Annexation, development and variances.

Land Use or Zoning lawyers typically represent individuals before a local or state government board.  Local government designates zones or areas for certain licensed uses, i.e. industrial, agricultural, commercial, and residential.



A lawyer who is licensed in Federal Court may practice before the Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky in Lexington.  Bankruptcy Court is exclusively a Federal Court.  Bankruptcy lawyers assist individual insolvent debtors or businesses in filing for divorces.  They may also represent creditors before the Court.

Chapter 7, 11 and 13.

Title examination, contract review and drafting and closing facilitation.


A lawyer who practices “property” law or real estate law deals with various forms of ownership and tenancy in real property.   This would include but not be limited to the preparation of deeds and leases, title searches, etc.  Local banks hire lawyers to research title to land so they may provide loans on property to their customers.

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